• Serimia

    Drew Saturday

    March 29, 2012 by Serimia

    Drew is a kick-butt-mom,but she is a girl too. She helps Zak get Wadi, and gives him advice for "treating a girl". Ulraj is not one bit attracted to Wadi, although he does act like he does, he just can't lose anything from Zak. It's weird how many people think Drew is awesomely...You know... ****...

    If you like Drew then say it, if you hate Drew then just say it, don't make her look ****!

    It's rude that so many people are rude to Drew. DeviantArt should be able to do appropiate things instead.

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  • Jordan Mason

    Three in one World

    October 15, 2011 by Jordan Mason

    In case no one has noticed... If you look at the Three shows Carefully, You can see that the events In The Secret Saturdays, Generator Rex, and the Ben 10 Multi-Series occur in the same universe.

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