Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner? is the ninth chapter of Zak Saturday's Immortal Love Life. It was first published on January 9, 2016.


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Zak's POV

Ok, well, seeing Sarah tonight and then kissing her was completely unexpected.

I really liked the kiss, but I don’t think Sarah did, because after my parents interrupted us (thanks Mom and Dad) she seemed so scared and then ran off.

I told my parents why Sarah was here. Luckily, they didn’t see the kiss. After that I went looking for Sarah.

I looked through most of the house and saw no sign of her.

I figured she might have went to her room, so I was about to go check when I realized how late it was. She was probably in bed by now, so I decided to leave her alone the rest of the night.

I went to my room, put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, climbed into bed, and fell asleep a few minutes later.


The next morning, I woke up at about 8:00am.

I got up, got dressed, grabbed my sword and the claw, then I left my room to go eat breakfast. When I got to the kitchen, I noticed my parents were talking to Sarah, who was eating a bowl of cereal.

My mom was the first to notice me.

“Good morning, Zak,” she said. “Want some breakfast?”

“Good morning,” I said. “And sure. Cereal is ok.”

Mom went to prepare my breakfast.

I sat in the chair next to Sarah. She finished eating her cereal and looked at me.

“Hi,” she said in a kind of shy tone.

“Hi,” I said.

She turned away from me and looked down at her empty bowl.

Mom brought me my bowl of cereal and laid it in front of me along with a spoon.

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re welcome,” Mom said, then turned to Sarah. “So, Sarah, you got into a fight with your dad last night?”

“Yes,” she said. “And then he and my mom fought about it because she disagreed with everything he said to me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s ok. Hopefully we’ll get past this eventually, but probably not for a while.”

“Ok,” Dad said. “But why did you come here after the fight?”

“I had to get as far away from there as I could,” Sarah said. “I hope you guys didn’t mind.”

“Not at all,” Mom said. “But what about your brother and your mom?

“My twin brother kind of started the fight and he feels bad about it. My mom came and checked on me about an hour after I came back here. I’m not sure where she is now, but—”

“I’m right here,” a voice interrupted. Raylee entered the kitchen. “Hey, guys.” She sat down in the chair at the end.

“Did you stay here last night?” Sarah asked her.

“I couldn’t stay here and leave Emily by herself.”

“Wasn’t Zack there?”

“Yeah, but I couldn’t quite count on him to take care of her like I can with you.”

“Yeah, I understand that.”

“Who’s Emily?” I asked.

“My baby sister,” Sarah said, then turned away from me quickly.

I have to admit, that kind of hurt.

“So, how’s Dad?” Sarah asked her mom, who was smiling at me and Sarah for some reason.

“He’s . . . ok,” she replied.

She continued to smile, and Sarah blushed. I had a feeling Sarah told her what happened between the two of us last night.

“Would you stop it already?” Sarah told her mom.

“Sarah, you know how I am in these kind of situations,” she replied. “I can’t help it.”

“Well, can you at least try to?”

“I am.”

“Well, you’re not doing a very good job.”

She glared at her.

“Ok,” Dad said. “Well, we’re going to, uh, leave now.”

“I hope everything works out between you and your dad, Sarah,” Mom said.

“Thanks,” she replied. “I hope so too.”

My parents left the room without another word.

“Emily’s probably awake by now,” Raylee said. “I’ll see you two later. Bye.”

“Bye, Mom,” Sarah said.

Raylee summoned her powers and she was gone.

“Your powers are awesome,” I said.

“Umm, thanks,” Sarah said. “But I wouldn’t know since my powers haven’t activated yet.”

“Oh. Right. Sorry.” That was stupid for me to say.

We were silent for about a minute.

“Umm, Sarah,” I said. “About last night—”

She stood up from her chair and ran out of the room before I could finish.

That actually hurt. I wonder if she’ll ever talk to me again. But why is she acting that way?

I might never know.


Later on that day, I tried to talk to Sarah again, but she did the same thing: ran out of the room.

Eventually, Raylee, her Pikachu, Zack, and the animals came over. I talked to Zack in private for a while. I told him about last night, and how Sarah’s been acting ever since.

He didn’t really seemed surprised at all by the kiss. “Ok. But Sarah’s been avoiding you all day?”

“Yes, and I don’t know why,” I said. “Do you think maybe she didn’t like the kiss, or what?”

“Well, Sarah’s never been in this kind of situation before, so you should give her some space. I mean, I was pretty nervous at the beginning of my relationship with Selena. But I got the hang of it eventually.”

“Ok. But how long should I wait?”

“As long as it takes Sarah to be able to handle it,” Zack said. “But it is weird, though, that she’s acting this way toward you.”

“Why is it weird?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just . . . never mind.”

“Ok . . .”

Fiskerton and Komodo entered the room a few moments later, and they were bored. They asked me if I could think of something for us to do.

“Nothing’s really coming to mind,” I told them, mostly because I couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah.

“We could play hide-and-seek,” Zack suggested. “Especially since this place is so big. And I probably could get Sarah to play since me and her play it all the time when we’re bored.”

That got my attention.

“Ok,” I said. “How about you go ask her, and then meet us in the green house?”


He ran off to go find Sarah.

I turned to Fisk and Komodo. “Come on, guys.”

We headed down to the greenhouse, taking the elevator. A few minutes later, Zack exited out of the elevator, along with Sarah. She still looked scared, but was doing her best to hide it.

“Hey, guys,” she said. “So why are we playing in the green house?”

“Well, I was thinking that, instead of seeking each other, we seek these bands that we tie on our arms,” I said, holding out a few green bands that I grabbed on my way here.

“Umm, ok.”

She took a band, and Zack did too.

“So, like, if you take the band off of someone’s arm, that person’s out?” Sarah asked.

I nodded. “Right.”

She looked at Zack.

“Ok,” he said. “Do you play on teams?”

“Umm, if you guys want to, you can,” I said.

“Alright,” Sarah said. “Then it’s me and Zack versus you three, ok?”


“But, again, why are we playing in here?”

“I figured this room would be the best place to play in because there’s a lot of places to hide and other things too. I was thinking of playing in the dark to make it more interesting, if you two don’t mind.”

Sarah and Zack looked confused.

“Ok,” Zack said. “I mean, we could play outside since it’s almost dark, but in here’s fine with me.”

“Same here,” Sarah said.

“Ok,” I said.

Zack helped Sarah put on her band, and Sarah helped him with his and Komodo’s too.

I was able to put on mine, but Fisk couldn’t with his, so I put it on for him. I walked over to the control panel in the room, put my hand on the lever that turned off the lights.

“You two better go hide,” I told Sarah and Zack.

They ran into the plants and they were gone. I couldn’t help but smirk at the surprise plants that they’re going to encounter and how they’re going to react.

I pulled the lever down, and everything went dark.

It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, and I was able to see ok. I noticed Fiskerton and Komodo were waiting for me.

“Let’s go, guys,” I said.

We walked into the plants, watching carefully for which ones we walk into.

“Let’s split up,” I suggested.

Fisk and Komodo agreed. Komodo turned himself invisible and Fisk ran off to my right.

I took my cryptid inspector out of my pocket and pressed a few buttons on it. I heard different kinds of growling all around me.

You see, I planted some wireless speakers all around the room to emit cryptid sounds to scare mostly Fiskerton, but I don’t think Sarah or Zack will be afraid of the sounds.

I walked around a couple more minutes, holding the claw ready, and then I heard a scream. It sounded like Sarah.

I probably should’ve told her about the man-eating plant, the thorn throwing plant, and the slime producing plant. But I couldn’t help but laugh.

That is, until, I heard what sounded like a sword being unsheathed.

“Crap,” I cursed, then ran to where the sound came from.

Once I got there, I saw one of the man-eating plants was cut in half.

Now I really wish I told them about the plants.

I was so distracted by the plant, I didn’t notice Sarah coming up from behind me and snatch my arm band.

“You’re out,” she said. “Oh, and thanks for the warning.” She gestured to the plant with her sword.

“Sorry,” I apologized.

“That’s ok. And where are those cryptid sounds coming from?”

“From this,” I said, not being able to contain my smile. I held up my cryptid inspector for her to see.

“Hoping to scare me and my twin brother?” she asked.

“I didn’t think it would scare you two,” I admitted. “I actually did it to scare Fiskerton.”

“But he’s on your team. And speaking of which . . .”

She walked off to her right and disappeared. A few moments later, I heard Fiskerton sounding surprised about something.

Sarah must’ve taken his band.

I started laughing, and I found them about twenty feet away.

“You guys suck at this,” Sarah said, holding up mine and Fisk’s bands.

“That may be true,” I said. “But you still have Komodo to find.”

“Yeah. But now it’s two against one. The odds are more in my favor.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that.”

Sarah seemed to know what I was talking about, because just then, her arm band seemed to disappear.

Komodo became visible right next to her with her band in his mouth.

“Good job, Komodo,” Sarah said, then petted him.

I was confused.

“Umm, did you know he was there?” I asked her.

She nodded.


“How many times do I have to tell you about my aura before you remember it?”

“Oh. Right,” I said. “But how come you let him take your band?”

“I decided to make it even. Now it’s one against one.”


I was still confused, but I decided to let it go.

“So, about the plant,” Sarah said. “Are you going to get in trouble for it?”

“Probably,” I said.

“Don’t worry. I can get my mom to fix it before your parents find out.”

“Umm, thanks, but you don’t have to do that.”

“Hey, I’m the one that killed it. I’m going to fix it.”

I’ll let her do that since I know by now there’s no point in arguing with her.

“Ok, boys,” I heard my mom say. “Game over.”

We turned around and noticed my parents at the elevator doors, who were dressed up in formal clothing.

I tried to think of why they’re dressed up in fancy clothes, then I remembered that today was their wedding anniversary.

“My plants need their artificial sunshine,” Mom said, grabbing the lever and turning on the lights, which blinded us for a moment.

“The cryptid crops seem to be growing nicely underground,” Dad noted.

“Incan sun stones, my love,” Mom told him. “Work like magic.”

“So photosynthesis is now caused by wizards and pixies?”

“Yes, and leprechauns make the stars twinkle at night,” Mom said sarcastically. “It was a figure of speech, science cop. But if you want to see some real magic . . .”

She leaned in to kiss him, but I stopped before they made contact.

“Mom,” I complained. “You turned on the lights to make us watch that?”

“We turned on the lights because your mother and I have dinner reservations in Marrakesh,” Dad said. “And we’d like to beat traffic.”

“But the game’s not over until everybody’s—”

I got interrupted when I noticed Zack taking Komodo’s band, and Komodo was surprised by his sudden appearance.

“We win,” Zack said, then gave Sarah a high-five.

“Game over,” Dad said. I sighed.

We all headed to the elevator.

“Alright, pile in,” Dad said. “Your babysitter’s gonna be here any minute.”

That surprised me. “Babysitter?”

We all got into the elevator and took it to our kitchen, and we all got out.

“Don’t even try to argue out of this one, Zak,” Mom said. “You wanna know how we spent our last anniversary? Trapped in the belly of a giant squid.”

We heard laughing behind us.

“Really?” Raylee said.

I turned around and noticed her, Pikachu, and the animals sitting at the counter or on the floor.

“Yes,” Mom said. “And this year, we’d like to have some quality time without the intestinal juices.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed. “Take the whole weekend. Just no babysitter. I mean, think about it. It actually has the word baby in it.”

Mom strapped her fire sword onto her back.

“You’re bringing the fire sword?” Dad asked, surprised.

“I’ve been to Marrakesh,” she said.

“We’ll be inside a darkened restaurant, no light source to power it up . . . A cortex disruptor?”

Mom gave Dad a kiss on the cheek. “Genius. I’ll hit the weapons vault and meet you in the airship. Say hi to Beeman for me. Love you.”

She walked off.

“Beeman?” I asked, annoyed. “The UFO guy?”

“Show some respect, Zak,” Dad said. “Dr. Beeman broke the Drozian Crop Circle code back in ’83. Saved the whole earth from evasion.”

“I heard about that,” Sarah said. “And, to be honest, I didn’t really care.”

That made me smile.

“Mom, can’t you babysit Zak?” Zack asked.

“Yeah, Doc,” she said. “I would be happy to do so for you. Especially if Zak doesn’t really like Dr. Beeman that much.”

“No, that’s ok, Raylee,” Dad said. “Besides, it’s kind of too late because he’s almost here.”

“Ok. But if that’s the case, I’m going to go home, because I do not want to be here all night with an alien geek.” She turned toward her pets. “Do you guys want to go home, too?”

“Yes!” the cubs said at the same time, maybe a little too enthusiastically.

“Yeah,” Amber agreed. “Alien geeks are really weird.”

“Ok.” Raylee turned to Sarah and Zack. “Are you two going to stay?”

“I’ll stay,” Sarah said. “Can’t leave Zak alone like this.”

“Same here,” Zack said.

“Oh, wait. Mom, can you do something for me before you go?”

“Sure,” she said. “What?”

Sarah pointed at her forehead, then to her mom’s. Raylee nodded like she understood. They stared at each other.

I found that very weird.

“Umm, ok,” Raylee said after a minute. “But why did you cut it in half in the first place? Did it try to bite you or something?”

“Yes,” Sarah replied.

She must’ve told her mom about the plant somehow.

“Ok,” Raylee said, still confused. “I’ll fix it.”

“Thank you.”

“Alright. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Have fun.”

She activated her powers, her hand glowing white, and she and her pets were gone.

“Ok,” Dad said. “Let’s go to the roof.”

While on the way there, I held Sarah back a little bit.

“So how did you tell your mom about the plant, exactly?” I whispered so that Dad wouldn’t hear me.

“Through telepathy,” she whispered back. “That’s another thing our powers can do.”


When we got to the roof, we saw Dr. Beeman landing his homemade UFO ship.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sarah said. “He must be really serious about aliens.”

“Weird families have weird friends,” Zack said.

We’re the weird ones,” I said sarcastically.

“Shut up,” Sarah said. “All families are weird in their own way.


Dr. Beeman came out of his ship and he was carrying a duffel bag by his side. He walked over to us.

“Thank you for this, Arthur,” Dad said, holding his hand out.

He shook it, then turned toward me, bent down and smelt my hair, which was really weird. I guess Zack was right: I have a weird family, so my parents would have weird friends.

“You like discipline,” Dr. Beeman said. “I can smell it on your spiky hair cut.”

“What?” Sarah asked, confused.

“Be smart,” Dad told us, then ran up the platform of the airship to join Mom.

It ascended from the roof and flew off.

“Who might you two be?” Dr. Beeman asked, looking at Sarah and Zack.

“My name’s Sarah,” Sarah said. “And this is my twin brother, Zack. And if you come near my hair, much less, smell it, I’m going to punch you out.”

“Huh,” he said. “I’m going to call you Beauty Queen, and you Flat Head.”

Sarah and Zack looked offended by those nicknames. I can understand. But Sarah? I think she should take that as a compliment, because I agree.

“Flat Head?” Zack asked. “Who am I, Littlefoot?”

“Why can’t you just call us by our actual names?” Sarah demanded.

Dr. Beeman just ignored them. He laid his duffel bag down, and unzipped it.

“Ok, Spiky, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Beauty Queen, Flat Head, who likes watching movies?”

He pulled a few DVDs out of his bag and held them up.

“I do,” Fisk and I said.

“I do, too,” Zack said. “But my powers tell me that we’re not going to like the movie that you have in mind.”

Dr. Beeman continued to ignore him, and pointed to his bag. “Bag,” which meant that he wanted one of us to carry it inside.

“You know,” Sarah said. “I just met you, and I already don’t like you.”

“I get that a lot.”

“That doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

“Bag.” He walked inside.

“I really hate him,” Sarah said. “Every time he opens his mouth he sounds like he’s speaking sarcastically.” Then she grinned for some reason and looked at Zack. “Do it.”

“Gladly,” he said.

He walked over to the bag and picked it up.

“Wait,” I said. “Do what?”

“I’m going to throw it at him really hard,” Zack said, gesturing to the bag.


I’ll admit, I wanted him to do it, but even I knew that wasn’t right.

I grabbed for the bag, and he let it go. It dropped to the ground. I tried to pick it up, but it was really heavy.

“How were you able to pick it up so easily?” I asked Zack.

“I have super strength,” he said.


Fiskerton picked up part of the bag and we headed inside.

“So what are we going to do?” Sarah asked me. “We know you hate him just as much as we do.”

“Don’t worry, guys,” I assured them. “I’m thinking of a plan.”

“Fine. But you better think of one quick before I end up killing him with my sword.”

“I’ll try.”

We entered into the living room where Dr. Beeman was waiting for us. We sat down on the couch in front of the TV while Dr. Beeman placed a movie in the VCR.

He gave us things to hold that I didn’t even care enough to know what they even were.

It turns out Zack was right. We weren’t going to like the movie. It was all about fake UFO sightings. Typical of Dr. Beeman.

“Mark it,” he said. “Hour seven, minute twelve, at thirty-two-point-seven-seven seconds. Another fake. What are these jokers trying to pull? Tell me that exhaust part is gonna handle atmosphere re-entry. Just tell me.”

I was not paying any attention at all, and neither were Fiskerton, Sarah, or Zack. We all were just really bored.

“You know you should be laughing at this,” Dr. Beeman told us.

“Oh, believe me, I am,” Sarah said.

“Sorry. Yeah,” I said. “It’s very funny.”

“No, it’s not,” Zack said. “It’s very boring.”

Dr. Beeman gestured back to the movie. “These are all fakes, hoaxes, amateurs. Where’s the erratic flight patterns? The high frequency sound waves? The power fluctuations? At least put some effort into it.”

That built a lot of anger inside of him that he pounded the table next to him, which scared Fisk up onto the ceiling. I looked up at him, and he was shaking.

“Ah, maybe there’s something better in the other eighteen hours,” Dr. Beeman muttered and walked off to get them. “Don’t touch my stuff.”

“Would never dream of it,” Sarah said.

I decided enough was enough.

“No, uh-uh, we’re dumping this guy right now,” I said.

“Finally,” Sarah said, standing up from the couch. “What’s the plan.”

“I don’t know. But we have to do something. I can’t take another eighteen hours of fake UFO—Oh, yeah.”

“What?” Zack asked.

“I have an idea,” I said with a crazy grin on my face. “To the balcony.”

When we got to the balcony, I whistled for Zon. She came flying by a few moments later and landed in front of me.

“Ok, guys, here’s the plan,” I said.

I told them and they understood completely.

“Ok,” Sarah said. “So by colorful lights, you mean, like, Christmas lights?”

I nodded. “Yes. Zack, do you think you can summon us some with your powers?”

In response to my question, he activated his powers and a small strand of lights suddenly appeared in his hands and the lights were somehow on.

“Is this enough?” he asked.

“It should be,” I said.

I grabbed the strand from him, then turned toward Zon. I stranded the lights onto her, and Sarah helped me. When we were finished, she looked like a Christmas tree, which was pretty insulting to her.

“Ok,” Sarah said. “Is that comfortable?”

Zon cawed in response.

“She says that the lights are a little hot against her,” Zack translated.

“Don’t worry, Zon,” I reassured her. “You just need to do some loops in the sky for a few minutes. And if you do this, I’ll give you a whole bucket of fresh fish.”

She cooed again.

“She wants a fish right now,” Zack said.

“Ok. Umm, do you think you can summon some of that for me too?”

He rolled his eyes, but he did as I asked, a whole bucket of fish appearing in his hands.

“Thank you,” I said.

I grabbed a fish out of the bucket and fed it to Zon, who ate it happily.

“Ok, you got your fish for now,” I said. “Now go.”

She took off from the ground and did circles into the night sky.

“Here, Komodo,” Sarah said, grabbing a whole fish and handing it to him. “You can have one, too.”

He took it with his mouth and ate it.

Dr. Beeman was in his ship on the roof just above our level. I hoped he noticed Zon in the sky.

“Erratic flight patterns,” I heard him say, which I will took as a yes. “No earth-made aircraft maneuvers like that.”

I heard him drop something, possibly more duffel bags of lame, boring movies, and I bet he ran back to his ship.

The four of us laughed a little bit.

Zon cawed out and landed on her nest in front of us.

“Come on, Zon,” I told her. “Give me a couple more good circles, just to seal the deal.”

I threw her another fish. She caught it in her jaw and ate it, then took flight again.

I pulled out the speakers I had used earlier for the game out of my pocket and handed them to Fisk. “High-frequency sound waves. No UFO sighting’s complete without.”

“It’s funny how we’re using the little information he taught us, that we even remember, against him,” Sarah said.

“I think we’ll get bonus points for putting in a lot of effort to get rid of him,” Zack said.

“You got to be as convincing as possible,” I said.


Fisk looked concerned, and questioned me.

“I swear Mom and Dad will never know,” I said.

He took the speakers and went to place them up on the roof. I pulled out my controller and played some sounds.

“Visuals promising,” I heard Dr. Beeman say. “And yet no sonic confirmation, but—”

The sound from the speakers played the usual kind of UFO music.

“Sweet Galvin Prime.”

“Who?” Sarah whispered to me.

I shrugged. I fist bumped Fisk, Sarah, and Zack.

“Still,” Dr. Beeman continued. “A curious lack of power fluctuations.”

I face palmed myself. “The power fluctuations.”

I ran inside and went toward the power room. When I got there, I pulled out the claw and threw into the controls. The spot where it hit the machine sparked and everything went dark.

Yeah, I figured that would be easier and quicker than just pressing so many buttons.

I left the claw in there for now, wait to come back and get it later. I ran to the living room, meeting back up with Sarah, Zack, and Fisk, and got back just in time before Dr. Beeman entered the room. We sat down on the couch and pretended that nothing happened, except one thing.

“Hey, Dr. Beeman,” I said. “The power’s out. I hope we can still log all your photoage and everything.”

Yeah, Fisk agreed.

“Listen, Skunk Du, I—I gotta get back to my lab,” he said, leaving the room and we followed. “I don’t have the equipment here to document a sighting of this magnitude.”

“S—Sighting?” I asked. “Like—Like a UFO? Did we miss something?”

Sarah and Zack were doing their best to contain their laughter.

“Ah, yeah, you missed your last ‘Don’t ask stupid questions’ lesson,” Dr. Beeman said.

I frowned.

“Haircut, you’re in charge ’til I get back,” Dr. Beeman continued. “Don’t eat dirt, don’t stick your finger in anything but a glove, and don’t soil your training pants. If these aliens were hostile, we never would’ve seen them coming.”

He went into his UFO ship, ascended from the ground a minute later, and he


“Good riddance,” Sarah said.

“Alright,” I cheered, giving everyone a high-five.

“And he calls himself a scientist,” Sarah said. “He’s not a very smart one.”

“That’s for sure,” Zack agreed.

“Let’s go see if we can get the power back on,” I said.


At the power control room, I pulled the claw out of the controls and looked over the entire system.

“Huh?” I said. “Oh, great. We caused a full system reboot.”

“We?” Sarah said. “You’re the one who threw your claw into it. You couldn’t have just pressed a button or a switch?”

“It wouldn’t have been realistic enough. But fine. I caused a full system reboot. It’s gonna be a while before we get the power back. But at least we have emergency lighting. And the whole house is ours. I’m in charge, and Zak Saturday here by decrees: Let there be fun.”

I did a kind of evil laugh, and that really scared Sarah and Zack.

“That was creepy,” Sarah said.

“Sorry,” I said. “Now let’s go have some fun.”


We played a couple video games, which we were able to do thanks to Zack’s powers, and Sarah beat us most of the time.

We played with actual robots, using controllers, and I won by beheading the others robots heads. Then we went to the bottom floor where we keep our underground submarine, which is connected to a tunnel that goes straight to the ocean.

Zack and I rode electronic surfboards and pulled Sarah and Fiskerton behind us. We went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

I stocked a whole lot of meat, ketchup, marshmallows between two slices of bread and made a big sandwich, Zack also doing the same, both of us making a mess.

Just before I was about to take a big bite, I noticed Fiskerton trying to catch a bird that was flying away from him between his own two slices of bread, which I found weird, disturbing, and even wondered where the bird came from.

“I am not watching you eat that,” I told him.

“And I’m not watching any of you eat that, either,” Sarah said, gesturing to mine and Zack’s sandwiches.

“You don’t have to,” Zack said, and took a bite out of his sandwich.

I did the same with mine. Sarah laughed and diverted her gaze from us.

I noticed Komodo get onto the counter and looked out the window.

“Easy, Komodo,” I assured him. “We’ll clean all this up before Mom and Dad get home. You worry too much.”

He didn’t seem convinced.

Next, we went to the weapons vault.

“Experimental Weapons vault,” I said.

Fiskerton was worried.

“No, it’s ok,” I assured him. “The power’s off. If we got caught, we can just tell Mom and Dad we were . . . worried about the alien invaders.”

I opened the doors and entered the vault, then I opened a chest full of weapons.

“Umm, Zak,” Sarah said. “I don’t think your parents are stupid.”

“Yeah, I don’t think they are either,” I said. “But that’s the only thing that I can come up with.”


I pulled some weapons out of the chest that looked interesting and handed them to Fiskerton.

“And that’s why I’m in charge,” I said. “The perfect plan. Not a single thing that I didn’t think of.”

Then suddenly the ceiling collapsed, and a man appeared out of the debris, though he looked kind of mechanical.

Fisk, Sarah, and Zack looked at me.

“What?” I said. “Like I was supposed to see that coming?”

The man bared his teeth, which were actually fangs, and charged at us.

Fiskerton grabbed me and pulled me out of the way. We got into the hallway and ran, the man chasing us.

Fiskerton was still holding the weapons that I gave him, so I grabbed one of them. The man was only a few feet away from us, trying to bite at Fisk’s feet. I used the weapon, which was an electrifying rod, at the man and summoned electricity to it.

“Come on, ugly—”

Before I could use it, the man grabbed the end of it with his bare fangs and pulled back.

Unfortunately, I didn’t let it go, so he pulled me along with it, and Fiskerton too since he was carrying me and also didn’t let me go.

The man threw us behind him, and we landed on the ground. The weapons spilled out of Fiskerton’s hands and skittered all around the floor, but I noticed one that might be helpful to us.

“Mom’s fire sword,” I said.

I didn’t realize I had grabbed it. I picked it up and tried to use its fire blasting technique, but it didn’t work.

“But no light force to power it,” I said. “Oh, come on.”

The man came toward us, but suddenly he tripped and slammed into the wall. Komodo became visible at the opposite wall from him.

I decided to take a picture of the man with my phone to maybe find out who or what he was, because he definitely wasn’t human. The flash dazed him a little bit.

We ran to the elevator shaft, where Sarah, Zack, Fisk, and Komodo were waiting for me.

“Move guys, go,” I told them. “I’m coming.”

Fiskerton opened up the doors, then I climbed onto his back, he picked up Komodo, and jumped, grabbing onto the cords, and we slid down. Zack grabbed Sarah around the waist and they flew down behind us.

I noticed the man at the top where we just were a moment before, and he had Mom’s fire sword in his hand. He cut the cords to the elevator and the three of us started to fall even faster.

Luckily, though, Fiskerton was able to grab onto a vent passage way as we were falling by it, and with Sarah and Zack’s help, we were able to get into it. The vent led to the greenhouse.

“Come on,” I said. “We’ll lose him in the crops.”

The man broke the doors from the elevator.

We ran around the greenhouse a little bit before we hid behind a big bush that concealed us well. The guy stopped in front of us. He didn’t seem to notice us, and continued on.

“I have an idea,” I whispered. “Stay here.”

They didn’t protest.

I ran out of the bush, then tried to get the guy’s attention.

“Hey, Big Mouth,” I called to him, thirty feet away, getting him to notice me. “You’re making this too easy. Can’t you even catch a few kids and a couple of dumb animals?”

Ok. The dumb animals comment was a little offensive, but right now, it didn’t matter.

The guy had disappeared. I looked around, but saw no sign of him. Then, just below the ridge in front of me, he jumped at me, his fangs bared.

I dodged him and ran toward the thorny plants, him chasing after me.

When I reached them, I slid under them, then the man appeared and the plants shot their thorns at him, sending him flying backward, and he landed in the slime near the slime producers with my mom’s fire sword landing point-first next to him.

I ran back to where Sarah, Zack, Fiskerton, and Komodo were, and they were near the elevator.

He roared in anger.

“Zak, what is that thing?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “But that’s not going to hold him long. We need help. We gotta call somebody.”

The powers out, Fiskerton said.

“I know the powers out. I’m just trying to think of—” Then a thought came to me. “Wait. The Saturday Sub has its own power source, and its own satellite communications. Come on.”


We got to the sub. I turned on the power to it and it came on.

“Ok, we’re warming up,” I said. “Comms should be online in a minute.”

Fiskerton and Komodo were looking at the picture I had taken of the guy. They were worried.

“It’ll be ok, guys,” I assured them. “Beeman put me in charge, and I promise I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you. You trust me?”

They had a little doubt in their faces.

“Hey, we’re brothers, right?” I said. “We gotta take care of each other.”

“That’s true,” Sarah said.

We all looked at the picture.

“That is one nasty looking dude,” I said. “I wonder what he wants. Working for Argost? Let me see that.” I took it out of Fisk’s hand. “I’m gonna run his retina scan through the International Criminal Data Base and see if we get any matches.”

While doing so, I noticed a red light blinking on the controls of the sub.

“Alright, we’re live,” I announced, grabbing the walkie-talkie. “Time to call in some back up.”

“Zak, he’s here,” Zack said.

I looked out the window and noticed the guy jump into the water and swim toward us. A moment later, the sub shook. A hole appeared in the bottom and water started to pour in really fast.

“Mayday. Anyone!” I called into the walkie-talkie. “This is Zak Saturday—”

The water washed over the controls, causing sparks, and cutting the connection. The man appeared through the hole he made in the bottom.

We got out of the sub and ran toward the elevator, but it was blocked by a lot of debris. The man got out of the water and walked toward us.

I noticed something on the wall, and thought that it could help.

“Komodo, the airlock,” I said.

I put my hand on the lever and was about to turn it when Komodo put his paw on my hand, stopping me momentarily, reminding me what would happen if I turned it.

“Yes, I know what’s going to happen,” I told him. “You wanna take your chance with the jawbreaker guy instead?”

The man growled and started running toward us.

Komodo and I turned the lever and a whole chain reaction of water busted out of the wall like geysers, the very last one blasting the guy into the water, but also all of them filling up the room and blocking the exits.

“Ok,” Sarah said. “Now what?”

“Well, there’s gotta be another way out of here,” I said.

“I can teleport us all out of here,” Zack suggested. “Just tell me where.”


Zack summoned his powers, and a moment later, we were standing in front of my house and were, somehow, all dry.

“Let’s head for the back gate,” I said.

We ran for it. A moment later I noticed the lights turn on from inside the house.

“Lights,” I said. “The system must have finished rebooting. Then we’re home free.”

I pulled out my cryptid inspector from my pocket and pressed a button on it, hoping that it would open the gate, but it didn’t.

“It’s not opening,” I said. “What’s going on?”

I pressed the button a few more times, but the gate still wouldn’t open.

“Zack, do you think you can blast the gate with your powers?” I asked.

“I’ll try,” he said, then summoned a fire ball to his hands and threw it at the gate.

It seemed to work at first, but then all of a sudden, the fire ball hit something, like a force field, and flew right back at us twice as fast.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to dodge it in time. It hit us all, causing a little explosion, knocking us to the ground. It burned really hot.

“How did that do that?” Sarah asked. She didn’t appear to be hurt.

“I don’t know,” Zack said. “But I sense something there.”

“What?” I asked.

“A force field.”

“What? How did—? Oh, no.”

“What?” Sarah demanded.

“The mouth guy. He’s reversed the security system. Instead of keeping people out, it’s keeping us in. Guys, I don’t think he’s after the Kur stone. I think this freak wants us.”

“For what?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know. Ah, this is all my fault.”

“No, it’s not, Zak. At least, not entirely.”

Fisk agreed with her, telling me I didn’t know he would be here.

“Yeah, I know,” I said. “But I promised you’d be ok, right? I’m gonna fix this. The power’s back on. That means the communicators are too.”

Fisk was concerned.

“No, listen,” I said. “I’m gonna distract him. I’ll head for Zon’s nest right out in the open. He should take the bait. Fiskerton and Sarah, head for—”

“I wanna go with you,” Sarah interrupted.

“Fine. Fisk, you gotta sneak out to the front gate and put out a distress call. Mom and Dad, Dr. Beeman, whoever you can get. Give us a minute to get his attention, then go. Everybody got it?”

They all nodded.

Sarah, Zack, and I ran to find the guy while Komodo ran off to somewhere else, turning invisible in the process, and Fisk hid and waited.

We came to a certain area around the house, then I started to get the guy’s attention.

“It’s all clear, guys!” I called out, making sure my voice was heard. “We must’ve lost him in the sub pen. Sarah, Zack and I are just gonna check on Zon, then we’ll head back to the house, ok? Guys?”

“You’re very convincing,” Sarah said sarcastically.

I glared at her.

We reached Zon’s nest, but she wasn’t in it. Then we heard a sound behind us. We turned around and saw Zon coming out of the forest with Komodo behind her, who turned visible.

He bit her leg. She cawed in protest.

“No, Komodo, hey,” I told him. “Let her go. Knock it off, guys. There’s something not right here. Why didn’t the big mouth guy take the bait?”

“Maybe he didn’t hear you,” Zack said.

I thought about it, but then my cryptid inspector started beeping. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at it.

“We’ve got a match,” I said.

Sarah and Zack came on either side of me and the three of us read the information.

“He calls himself Piecemeal,” I said. “Criminally insane. Surgically altered jaws? Why would he—”

“Zak, read this,” Zack said, pointing.

I read more, and what I read next, shocked me.

“Oh, no,” I said. “This freak eats rare exotic animals. One of each kind. He’s even got a check list. This guy doesn’t care about me. He wants—”

“Fiskerton,” Sarah finished.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“That is just disgusting.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah. We have to save him.”

“We’re going to, Zak,” Sarah said. “He should be at that gate by now.”

“Let’s go.”

We ran as fast as we could, but when we finally reached the gate, Fiskerton wasn’t there. I was really worried.

“Where could he be?” I asked.

“Zack?” Sarah asked.

“He’s in the kitchen,” he said.

“Is he still alive?”

“Yes. For now, anyway.”

“Let’s go,” I said.

Sarah and I climbed onto Zon’s back, Zack picked up Komodo, and we flew toward the kitchen.

We entered the kitchen through an open window. Fiskerton was tied up on the table. Piecemeal was about to take a bite out of his head, but Zon knocked him away with her wings.

Sarah and I jumped off her back, then Sarah cut the ropes from around Fisk with her sword.

Piecemeal got up from the ground and ran toward us, but I slingshot the claw at him, hitting him in the chest and knocked him backward. He landed on the stove, which he had apparently turned on, and it burned him.

Fiskerton grabbed some lemons that were in a bowl on the counter and squeezed them to spray lemon juice in Piecemeal’s face when he came at him again.

I took that moment to jump at him and hit him with the claw, but he just grabbed it with his bare fangs and threw me back, knocking me into Fisk, who caught me, and we both fell to the ground.

Zon cawed and flew at Piecemeal. He met her head-on and they slammed heads, him knocking her backward and she tumbled to the floor.

Piecemeal advanced on Fisk, his fangs ready to bite, but I got into his path, standing in front of him.

“Stay away from my brother,” I said.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” Piecemeal said. “But his species is on my list.”

He pushed me aside and tried to grab Fisk, but Fisk put his feet on either side of his head and started punching him.

Komodo came over to me invisibly with two controllers on his back. I picked them up.

“Got a taste of the unusual, huh?” I said. “Then take a bite of this, freak.”

I used one of the controllers to bring my robot into the kitchen, coming through a door that opened across the room.

Piecemeal threw Fisk off of him, then my robot came at him with its chainsaw-hand ready, slicing at his head, and him dodging it.

I gave the other remote to Fisk, and he activated his robot with a blowtorch-hand out into the kitchen to join the other.

“Zak, let’s go,” Sarah said, calling to me by the exit with Zack.

We left the robots to keep Piecemeal occupied and we all ran out of the room. We ran to the roof.

“Fisk, get up to the landing platform,” I told him, pushing him toward it. “Zon will fly you out of here. Go.”

I pushed him up the stairs of the platform, and he ran to the center of it.

I heard Piecemeal behind us. I turned to face him. He grabbed onto my arms and lifted me into the air.

“You ruined dinner,” he said.

I think he was about to take a bite out of my head, when I notice his eyes widen.

I heard Fiskerton growl from the platform behind me, and he jumped at Piecemeal. He let me go, then he and Fisk tumbled into the open elevator shaft and fell.

Sarah, Zack, and I ran to a different floor.

Fisk and Piecemeal broke through the doors of the elevator at the bottom floor where the greenhouse was and they wrestled on the ground, Piecemeal on top.

“Fiskerton,” I said. I jumped on to Piecemeal’s back and tried to pull him off of Fisk. “Your dinner’s over, freak. I told you to leave him alone.”

I wasn’t able to pull him off, but then I noticed Mom’s fire sword lying on the ground a few feet away from us. I ran to it and picked it up, ready to aim it at Piecemeal, who noticed.

“You think a sword will stop me?” He asked.

“Just add sunlight,” I said.

I whistled, and Komodo, Sarah, and Zack got the message, pulling the lever down to turn on the light from the sun stones in the whole room.

The fire sword was like a lightning rod. The sun stone’s light was attracted to its blade, summoning a big fireball at its tip. I could practically feel how strong it was, which seemed to scare Piecemeal, because he let go of Fisk and braced himself.

Fisk quickly got out of the way.

“Get out of my house,” I told Piecemeal.

I shot the fireball at him with enough force to knock him against the wall and break through it to the outside, and he fell hundreds of feet to the water below.

We all looked out of the crater in the wall to watch him fall. We waited to see him resurface over the water, but he never did. He was gone. We all had grins on our faces.

“That was so cool, Zak,” Sarah said.

“That was pretty cool, wasn’t it?” I said. “And we’re ok.”

“Guess again,” Zack said, not sounding happy.

I didn’t know what he meant until I realized he wasn’t looking out the crater.

We turned around and saw Dr. Beeman standing behind us, which startled some of us.

“Mark it,” he said. “Hour twenty-one, minute seven, and fifty-one-point-eight-four-zero seconds. Another fake.”

He threw our Christmas lights on the ground in front of us.

“Huh,” Sarah said. “I guess you’re not that stupid after all.”

“You jokers have a nice party while I was gone?” he asked.

Fiskerton was so happy that he went up to him and gave him a hug, which he didn’t really like.


We told Dr. Beeman what happened, but he didn’t really believe us, and I had to stop Sarah from slicing him in half. Then about an hour or so later, Mom and Dad returned home, Dr. Beeman left, and we told them what happened.

Now we’re all looking through the cameras, and a few of the screens were showing me with the fire sword and summoning the fireball, and kept replaying it.

I did look cool when I did that.

“To be honest, Zak, we don’t even know what to make of this,” Dad said after looking through the photoage. “You put yourself, your brothers, and your friends at horrible risk with that UFO stunt.”

“But, on the other hand,” Mom said. “You showed a lot of maturity and ingenuity in fighting off this Piecemeal.”

I looked at my friends.

“So, are you gonna ground me or raise my allowance?” I asked. “I mean, I’d be willing to leave it to a coin toss or something.”

“Oh, there will be punishment,” Dad promised. “We’ll talk tomorrow morning.”

“For now, bed time,” Mom said. “It’s been a long night.”

“’Night, Mom. ’Night, Dad,” I told them.

The rest of them all said good night, then me, Fisk, Zack, Sarah, and Komodo left the room together.

We were walking down the hallways to our bedrooms, and we came to mine first.

“Well, I guess we’ll see you in the morning,” Sarah told me.

I really wanted to talk to her before the day ended, and now would probably be a good time.

“Wait, Sarah,” I said. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

She hesitated. “Alone? Umm, sure.” She turned to the others. “I’ll see you guys in the morning.”

“Good night,” Zack said.

He continued down the hall. Fiskerton and Komodo followed.

Sarah and I went into my room, Sarah still hesitant, and we both sat down on my bed, sitting a few inches apart.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” Sarah asked.

“Well, why have you been avoiding me all day?” I asked.

“Well, after what happened last night, I got scared.” She avoided my gaze. “I mean, that was completely unexpected.”

“So are you saying that you didn’t like the kiss?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just, I’m afraid that my dad will find out about it.”

“Why? Does he not like me or something?” I asked. “He’s never even met me before. Why would he—”

A thought came to mind, and I had a feeling that that’s why Sarah was afraid about her dad finding out about the kiss.

“What?” Sarah asked, noticing my sudden stop.

“Sarah, that friend you were telling me about that your dad doesn’t want you to see anymore,” I said carefully. “Is that friend me?”

The corner of her mouth turned up a bit. “Sometimes you’re smarter than you seem to be. But, yes, you’re the friend that my dad doesn’t want me to see anymore.”


“Because . . . because I like you.”

I thought she did. Just the way she was acting toward me gave it away.

“Ok,” I said. “But why is your dad telling you that just because you like me?”

“Because he’s my dad,” she said. “Most fathers are a little overprotective of their daughters.”


“I don’t know. I guess they just don’t want them to grow up. But eventually, they’re going to have to realize when it’s time to let go.”

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not going to stop seeing you, that’s for sure,” she said.

“Ok. But I’m guessing your mom doesn’t care that you like me?”

She shook her head. “No. She lets me and my brother do pretty much whatever we want. She does watch carefully with the friends we make, but she knows that we have good judgment. She believes that after the kids are eighteen, that parents don’t have a right to control them anymore. It’s time for them to make their own decisions, good or bad. Even though I’m not eighteen, she knows you, and that’s why she was mad at my dad for telling me to stop seeing you just because I like you.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I like you too,” I said.

“I know,” Sarah said, which surprised me.

“You know?”

“Yes. You didn’t hide it as well as you think you did.”

“Oh.” I blushed. “So you did like the kiss?”

Sarah looked at me and smiled. Then she leaned in and kissed me, which also surprised me.

After a few more seconds, she pulled back.

“Does that answer your question?” she asked.

I just smiled, then leaned in and kissed her again, and she kissed me back.

I wrapped my arm around her waist, she put her hand against my neck, and we pulled ourselves closer to each other.

I opened my mouth a little bit, and I felt Sarah stick her tongue through it. When she did that last night, it really surprised me, but I guess I got use to it. I stuck my tongue into her mouth, too, and it felt kind of weird, but I liked it.

After a few more minutes of kissing, we pulled away for air.

That was so much better than last night, because at least we weren’t interrupted this time.

“I should probably go to bed now,” Sarah said after getting her breath back.

“Ok,” I said.

She kissed me a few more times. “Good night.”


She kissed me one last time, then she stood up from the bed and left the room without another look at me.

I was smiling uncontrollably.

I knew she liked me. I also loved the way she kisses me.

This night turned out to be a really great night. And I couldn’t think of anything better.

I hope you guys liked this chapter. And yay, Sarah and Zak are officially a couple now.

Nobody guessed my quiz yesterday, but the answer to the song that Sarah sang was: Too Young, by Sabrina Carpenter. It's a good song. I'll have it posted on here if you guys want to listen to it.

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  • Zak and Sarah become an official couple.