. . . Sing it. . . This is Me. . . Until We Said “I Do”
A Late, But Romantic Valentine’s Day SurpriseA New HouseAfter Kur's Rising
And So It Begins AgainAnd Your Enemies CloserBeeman’s Niece
Being Parents? Piece of Cake. So FarBlack MondayBro Day
Cryptid TrinityCryptid vs. CryptidCurse of the Stolen Tiger
Decisions, DecisionsEevee CatastropheEterno
Everything Has Changed, Part 1Everything Has Changed, Part 2Everything Has Changed, Part 3
Everything Has Changed, Part 4Fighting with DaddyFirst Sword Fighting Lesson
Food of the GiantsGhost in the MachineGive Your Heart a Break
Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner?I Almost Take It Too FarI Do Something Bad to Help Ease the Pain
I Do Something I Haven’t Done in Three YearsI Get Jealous of My Twin Brother and My Best FriendI Guess Not Everything Has Changed
I Hear My Missing Twin Brother’s VoiceI Help Zak With His PowersI Know What Happened and Maybe Even How
I Learn a Little More About my Mom’s Childhood PastI Tell my Mom my DreamInto the Mouth of Darkness
It Was Good . . .It’s TimeKur, Part 1
Kur, Part 2Learning my PowersLife in the Underground
Life is a Song . . .List of The Secret Saturdays: Next Generation EpisodesMarina
My Anti-Self Becomes My New Brother With a New NameMy Baby Sister Wants my Ex-BoyfriendMy Daughter Gives Me Something From Her Daddy
My Twin Brother Goes MissingMy Twin Brother’s Finally ReturnedNever Been Hurt
NightingaleOnce More the Nightmare FactoryOur Daughter, the Cupid Killer
Our Family Gathers to Talk About Our SituationParis is MeltingRecuperating
Sarah's DreamSecond Sword Fighting Lesson and RealizationSecret Saturdays: Next Generation
Secret Saturdays Fanfiction WikiShadows of LemuriaShouldn’t Come Back
Something That I Hope is Not TrueSomething We Thought Would Never HappenSomething in the Water
Spending Father’s Day at an Amusement ParkTarget: FiskertonThe Atlas Pin
The End . . . For NowThe Ice Caverns of Ellef RingnesThe King of Kumari Kandam
The Kur GuardianThe Kur Stone, Part 1The Kur Stone, Part 2
The Legion of GarudaThe MeetingThe Movie, Part 1
The Movie, Part 2The Owlman Feeds at MidnightThe Return of Tsul Kalu
The Search for Zak Doesn’t End WellThe Secret Saturdays: Curse of the CryptidsThe Swarm at the Edge of Space
The Thousand Eyes of AhuizotlThe Truth About my Mom’s PastThe Unblinking Eye
The Underworld BrideThe Vengeance of HibagonThis is Real . . .
Twelve Hundred Degrees FahrenheitVan Rook's ApprenticeWar of the Cryptids
We Get a Surprising GiftWhere Lies the EngulferZack Tells Me a Surprising Secret of His
Zak SaturdayZak Saturday's Immortal Love Life
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